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Customer Testimonials

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First time here..very impressed..saleslady was very nice, answered all our questions let us browse without being overbearing..pleasant experience! Vast selection of olive oils..i can’t imagine you’d find a bigger selection anywhere..awesome flavors!!  Even the butter EVOO is to die for. I would highly also recommend the “rub with love triple garlic” teriyaki sauce they sell..OMG!!! Insane tasty! I’m hooked!  Normal “ballpark” prices so no complaints there. I tried the other oil company in Dunedin but they don’t have half the selection Middle Earth has and my experience there was “overbearing” so i will stick with Middle Earth!!

– Deb D. Palm Harbor, Fl

Ducked in to get an olive oil sampler gift for my dear friend Ms. JoJo and was pleased I did.

The handy dandy sales clerkess / owner was a friendly breath of fresh air. She directed me to the most popular seller: the Sun-dried Tomato and Parmesan Garlic Olive Oil. That was a big hit and brought the HOUSE down! Good thing I bought two of those.

She also suggested Blood Orange. That one, not so much with JoJo. I like it though.

Boutique, swanky, foo-foo olive oils aren’t usually my thing, but after tasting these they should be.

– Steve C. Fort Lauderdale, Fl

The oils are great tasting & add so much flavor to whatever you are using. I especially like the traditional balsamic vinegar & the sundried tomato parmesan garlic extra virgin olive oil.

– Charlene Eboli Dunedin, Fl

Enjoying chocolate vinegar on my salad!!!!!! Life changing-ok , so maybe that’s a stretch but this stuff is amazing!!

– Jeanne Moran Hirth

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